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Biometric Attendance Of Staff

I.Q.A.C. Cell

I.Q.A.C Cell

S.No Name Designation
01 Dr. A.R. Singh ChairPerson
02 Dr. Vinod Kumay Dubey Coordinator
03 Dr. T.P. Singh Member
04 Dr. P.K. Singh Member
05 Dr. S.C. Dubey Member
06 Dr. K.S. Netam Member
07 Dr. Anil Singh Member
08 Dr. R.P. Singh Member
09 Mr. R.K.D. Dwivedi HDC
10 Mr. R.V. Singh External expert
11 MR. Arun Ojha External expert


 A.Q.A.R. Reports

 A.Q.A.R. 2016-2017

 A.Q.A.R. 2017-2018

 A.Q.A.R. 2018-2019

 A.Q.A.R. 2019-2020

 A.Q.A.R. 2020-2021


Composition of IQAC

Minutes of IQAC


 Student Feedback 2018-19

          Students Feedback Questionnaire  IQAC2018-19
        Student feedback 2018-19 PDF Download


 Student Feedback 2019-20

         Students Feedback Questionnaire IQAC 2019-20

     Student Feedback 2019-20 Download



 Student Feedback 2020-21

     Students Feedback Questionnaire  Download