Monday , 27th March 2023
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National Webinar



  Swami Vivekanand Career Guidance Cell Organizes

            Webinar on 

             Date-31.08.2021 time 12:00 to 1:00

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 Two Days National Webinar


"Development of quality culture in institution"
(Date - 10th & 11th Aug.2020)
Organized by
I.Q.A.C of S.G.S. Govt. PG. Auto College Sidhi
Supported by M.P.H.E.Q.I.P. Bhopal


Two Days National Webinar
"Gateway to healthy life in today's world"
(Date - 28 th & 29 th June 2020)
28 June - " Health, fitness & happiness with covid-19 pandemic"
29 June- "Change your mindset : Change your life"
Organized by
Sports department of S.G.S. Govt. PG. Autonomous College
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